A clarion call is a strong, emotional appeal to people to make something happen and create change.

We help you unite efforts for your Clarion Call.

Natter & Gnaw – a podcast from Clarion Call

Clarion Call’s Natter and Gnaw is produced on Djaara (Central Victoria) and Noongar (Perth) Country in Australia.

Each episode explores what it takes to work together – through In-depth interviews featuring people who are working with others to achieve positive change for people, place and planet.

About Us

Clarion Call’s ambition is for people to work together to tackle the big social challenges.

Our team of diverse and deeply skilled facilitators works across Australia with communities, networks, initiatives, and multisector partnerships to:

  • Strengthen how people work together
  • Harness momentum and support for a shared purpose
  • Understand and tackle challenges in working together

We are passionate about what we do so when you work with us, you are working with people that share your enthusiasm and care about the result.

We amplify your Clarion Call and ensure your call to action is loud, clear, and compelling.

What we do

We facilitate, coach and mentor those working on meaningful change that crosses community, systems and organisational boundaries.

We use skills in facilitation, deep learning and mediation to work on the ‘how to change’ across community, systems and across organisational boundaries.

Our unique skills and knowledge, combined with years of practical experience supporting community-based partnerships across Australia, has enabled us to understand and apply practical ways to achieve change through collective action.

We work with people to find the most suitable approach to step into where you are now and work together on what to do next including how to understand, navigate and explore the best way to work together to achieve your outcome.

We adapt our approaches to work within your community and context.

We amplify your Clarion Call and ensure your call to action is loud, clear, and compelling.

Principles that guide our work

Our Work

We believe that addressing the big social challenges of our day can only be achieved by people working together.

Clarion Call facilitates and convenes people to work better together for a future that benefits people, place and planet, with a focus on HOW to:

  • Build governance for social change
  • Get started together
  • Plan the work together
  • Get unstuck in your work together
  • Build your practice to hold your work together over time

We work with you from where your needs are and respond in ways that fit your work in your place.

Learning Together

We have one or two day interactive workshops using the Clarion Framework for Collective Action and Governance that can lift and align your collective action.

We design the details of this with you to ensure it meets your initiative’s learning needs.

What participants have said:

“..Not just a talkfest but an in-depth thoughtful course that makes you do the work. Excellent work to all who designed it.”

“..A really thoughtful an interactive approach to how to essentially share and distribute power collectively for the greater good.”

“..Really worthwhile. This is a must for anyone involved in or thinking about governance in any capacity.”

“Sharon and Jennifer have developed a clear framework to understand and implement collective governance. The workshop was excellent in helping me apply the framework to my work.”

“Collective governance was a completely new concept prior to the course and I am now confident in making an extension of my working life.”

‘Be the change you want to see.’ Inspiring, informative and futuristic.”

“If you feel the need to find a way to work within the rhythm of your community this is the course for you.”

“These two days to reflect on my approach has given me valuable insights and a clear path to improve the governance arrangements.”

We also offer bespoke courses, co-designed with you and your people.

We have worked with:

State Government Departments

Commonwealth Government Departments

Local Government


Not-for-Profit Sector

Cross sector collaborations

Cross cultural collaborations

Health Sector

Industry based Social Change

We will support anyone working for the greater good, wherever there is a Clarion Call

Sharon has worked with us in Better Together Swan Hill to support our collective impact work. She has helped us understand not only what this is but how to do it. Sharon brings deep community based experience, authenticity and humour to her work. This along with excellent facilitation and people skills means that we have been able to make the most of our time with her. We recommend her highly for support of any collaboration tackling complex social problems.

George MudfordGeneral Manager (Southern Mallee) Mallee Family Care

Sharon has exceptional facilitation skills. We worked together on an international project that involved a wide range of perspectives. Sharon took a leadership role that gave space for different experiences to be heard and helped us all uncover commonalities that could help others in similar situations. She continued to lead this project after we had returned to our countries so we could produce a great outcome.

Ben Birks AngDeputy Executive Director - Programmes at New Zealand Drug Foundation

Sharon is such an empathetic practitioner. She brings the complexity of collective impact to life with clarity, authenticity and a sense of humour. The group we worked with have the appetite to try it, and Sharon made it all seem 'do-able'.

Jacinta CubisHelping people to do their best thinking
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Our Team

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To request a quote on how we can enhance your collaborative efforts you can contact Sharon Fraser on 0400 748 065 or Jennifer Chaplyn on 0407 989 757. Alternatively drop us an email here and let us know when you’re free to speak and we’ll schedule a chat…


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