A Clarion Call is ‘a strongly expressed demand or call to action’... It’s a clear and pure voice that is hard to ignore.

Clarion Call facilitates and enables people who are coming together to drive and support change in complex issues.

About Us

We broker conversations and facilitate processes that galvanise efforts and achieve change.

Our approach builds on strengths and adapts to culture and context to help you to build a shared way forward into an unknown future.

This gives clear direction for your collective action… your Clarion Call.

What we do

We bring our depth of experience from work on-the-ground across Australia to enable you to..

  • Map future horizons to define how to get to an unknown future.
  • Build governance for collaboration to govern for purpose.
  • Lead and share power for purpose, to know when to step up and when to get out of the way.
  • Understand and shift systems, to disrupt patterns that hold problems in place.
  • Develop ways to work with diversity to embrace different world views.
  • Collaborate across cultures and contexts to build a shared way forward.
  • Address issues through mediation and negotiation to go forward together

All of our work respects the First Nations people of Australia.

All of our work aims to build up your local ‘how to’ so that you are not dependent on us. 

Our Work

We use skills in facilitation, deep learning and mediation to work on the ‘how to change’ in community, systems and across organisational boundaries.


To tackle much of the current work and issues we are facing we know that ‘business as usual’ is not working.

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We support the building of Collaborative Governance in the Australian context.

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Lead and Share Power for Purpose

We support you to lift the voices of those who are not being heard or feel they do not have the power to ‘change things around here’. We help you bring the voice of our First Nations people to your work in building a shared understanding and way forward.

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Cross Cultural Collaborations

We work with cross cultural collaborations to build a deeper understanding of each other’s perspective in designing the environment for work that is respectful of all voices.

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Collaborative Change
to Shift Systems

Collaboration is challenging. We support you to change systems and work collectively for improved outcomes.

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Deep Learning Opportunity

Clarion Call offers deep learning opportunities that respond to emerging needs.

These pop-up learning opportunities will help you explore and build on the structures, processes and mindsets needed for change. These techniques are underpinned by approaches that enable you to share power and grow equity across your initiative.

Our current offer…


In this course we develop skills in inter-organisational governance and leadership needed to tackle complex social and environmental problems. We explore what governance is needed so that everyone, including our First Nations and other community leaders, are included.

Duration • 2 days

Sharon Fraser
Jennifer Chaplyn

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We have worked with:

State Government Departments

Commonwealth Government Departments

Local Government


Not-for-Profit Sector

Cross sector collaborations

Cross cultural collaborations

Heath Sector

Industry based Social Change

We will support anyone working for the greater good, wherever there is a Clarion Call

Sharon has worked with us in Better Together Swan Hill to support our collective impact work. She has helped us understand not only what this is but how to do it. Sharon brings deep community based experience, authenticity and humour to her work. This along with excellent facilitation and people skills means that we have been able to make the most of our time with her. We recommend her highly for support of any collaboration tackling complex social problems.

George MudfordGeneral Manager (Southern Mallee) Mallee Family Care

Sharon has exceptional facilitation skills. We worked together on an international project that involved a wide range of perspectives. Sharon took a leadership role that gave space for different experiences to be heard and helped us all uncover commonalities that could help others in similar situations. She continued to lead this project after we had returned to our countries so we could produce a great outcome.

Ben Birks AngDeputy Executive Director - Programmes at New Zealand Drug Foundation

Sharon is such an empathetic practitioner. She brings the complexity of collective impact to life with clarity, authenticity and a sense of humour. The group we worked with have the appetite to try it, and Sharon made it all seem 'do-able'.

Jacinta CubisHelping people to do their best thinking
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Our Team

Sharon Fraser  | Founding Director

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Jack Beetson | Founding Director

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Jennifer Chaplyn | Founding Director

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Mark Pearse | Adminstration & Finance officer

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To request a quote on how we can enhance your collaborative efforts you can contact Sharon Fraser on 0400 748 065. Alternatively drop us an email here and let us know when you’re free to speak and we’ll schedule a chat…


Defining Future Horizons
Collaborative Governance
Leadership for Change
Shared Power for Purpose
Collaborative Change
Working with Diverse Opinions
Developing & Supporting Realistic Plans


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